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Dear associate,


this period signs are giving hope for the progressive overcoming of the health emergency that has recently affected our country, conditioning social life and economic activities in a very heavy way.


In this context, the Board has activated all possible solutions, also through an acceleration of innovation processes, to guarantee, in compliance with health rules, the essential public services of hydraulic safety of the territory, distribution of water for irrigation and environmental vivification of the network of water courses under management.


In addition to these activities, there are extraordinary commitments related to the implementation of the important interventions financed following the so-called "Vaia Storm" of autumn 2018.


The future scenario also seems to be characterized by a new phase of infrastructure interventions provided for by the plan known as "Next Generation EU" wanted by the European Union to promote recovery after the pandemic: also, in this context the Reclamation Board intends to play an important game by attracting new investments to strengthen the hydraulic system of its territory and redevelop its environmental structure.


In this context, however, the commitments linked to the daily activity of protection from external waters and the runoff of rains affecting an area of about 115,000 hectares, mainly located below sea level or the flood levels of the major rivers, at the service of which 90 pumping stations operate. Almost 60,000 hectares are also being irrigated, benefiting from cultivated areas, but also all the entire network of smaller water channels which are being vivified in this way.


While investments in new works are supported by specific financing policies, the national and regional legislation establishing the Board, provides that the cost of all the management and maintenance activities of the works is charged to the owners of real estate, divided by homogeneous methods defined by a special Classification Plan.


With the Payment Notice annex, we inform you of the amount for the year 2021 of the reclamation or irrigation contributions charged to the properties you own, determined according to the criteria of the Classification Plan approved by the Veneto Region Authority with DGR No. 1563 of 03.10.2017 and in implementation of the Expense Allocation Plan for the year 2021, approved by the Consortium Assembly with Deliberation No. 22 of 26/11/2020.


The Payment Notice can be paid through the MAV bulletins attached, with any extra cost to the Associate, at the branches of the Consortium Treasurer, Banca Monte Paschi di Siena or your Credit Institute, also through home-banking service; Alternatively, the payment can also be made at the Post Offices, in this case with the charge of the expected fee.


Best Regards.


 Board President
Dr. Giorgio Piazza







Associates resident abroad have the possibility to pay this notice by bank transfer to the bank account at Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, in the name of:


IBAN     IT 60 X 01030 36241 000000589072 – BIC PASCITM1V89

carefully indicating in the object the Notice number (“Avviso di pagamento”) and the Tax code (“Codice fiscale”) only.





This Notice (download fac-simile) is a good-natured form of payment and is sent to all Associates enrolled in the Roles of the Consortium at the beginning of the year 2021.

Avviso 2021 pag9


Avviso 2021 pag8

All Associates are advised to check the property data, header, tax code and address. For adjustments and updates, please produce copies of the documents to the Consortium Offices in the manner below entg payment by December 31st, 2021.


In the same way, requests to update the point characteristics of the properties for which the contribution is reduced (documented demand for surfaces in situations of hydraulic invariance, agronomic penalty, subsistence of rural building requirements or areas affected by changes in the effectiveness of the irrigation system) can be submitted.


The request for change does not mean that the deadlines for the payment of the contribution will be suspended and will take effect from the role of 2022. For changes in ownership, however, the right to retaliate on the buyer for the remediation contributions paid after the sale remains valid for the seller.


In the event of non-payment, the mandatory procedures provided by DPR 602/1973 and subsequent modifications will be activated, and then the payment folders will be notified with the aggravation of the statutory expenses and compensation for the co-operative collection. 


To verify the regular payment of the contribution in previous years, a specific summary table is reported at the beginning of page 2 of this notice. In the box, if present, the amounts, above the overall limit of € 10.33, relating to contributions from previous years that have not yet been paid are indicated. Please check this report and, in case of confirmation, proceed with the payment of the sums recalled.


For information, please contact the Consortium Offices, citing the details, or the Agenzia delle Entrate - Collection, in this case recalling the folder number.


The prospectus only shows the value of the contribution net of any ancillary charges (interest, etc.); it also does not consider any facilitated definition procedures in progress.


Associates who wish to receive the Electronic Payment Notice directly to their E-mail address or who wish to activate the direct debit to the bank account (SDD) will be able to request it by filling out the appropriate forms available on the Consortium's website -  www.bonificavenetorientale.it - in the section "Catasto" or at the Offices of the Institution.


Any appeal against this Notice of Payment, for material errors, may be submitted to the Consortium (Art. 112 – R.D. 8 May 1904, n.368) within thirty days of expiry (D.P.R. 24.11.1971, n.1199).


According to L 241/90, we inform you that the person in charge of the tax procedure is the Board General Director Eng. Sergio Grego.



For more information call the toll-free number




or consult the Consortium's website: www.bonificavenetorientale.it




Privacy Information EU (GDPR)



In compliance with the provisions of the European Regulations, you are invited to read the information on the institutional website of the Veneto Orientale Land Reclamation Board. We intend to inform you that:

1. The personal data processed by the Land Reclamation Board are also acquired through the Real Estate Registers, the Data Banks of the State Administrations, without the need for your consent.

2. The data are processed with reference to the following purposes to complete:

a)     the duty of registration and storage of data and formation of the Board Cadastre;

b)     current administrative accounting and tax obligations, including contributory requirements;

c)     to the obligations deriving from laws, regulations, Land Reclamation Board statute and / or contracts,

as well as:

d)     to allow the Land Reclamation Board Offices to maintain contacts with the Associates;

e)     to guarantee your participation in the institutional life of the Authority;

f)      to manage the data themselves for studies, statistical statistics, in anonymous form;

g)     to use, if necessary, the data acquired for the purposes of legal protection of the Authority.

The data will be correctly stored as long as necessary to achieve these purposes.

The data will be processed using IT tools and / or paper support and will be reserved for authorized personnel only, in compliance with current regulations and with the adoption of minimum-security measures.

3. To request information and rights under the Regulation (including right of access, right of rectification, right to cancellation, right to limitation of processing, right of opposition), contac

- the Data Controller (protocollo@bonificavenetorientale.it - consorzio@pec.bonificavenetorientale.it) at the Portogruaro headquarters Viale Venezia, 27 (Phone 0421 392511 - fax 0421 392512) or the registered office of San Donà di Piave (VE), Piazza Indipendenza, 25 (Phone 0421 596611 - fax 0421 596659)

- the Data Processor as Board General Manager, Eng. Sergio Grego (Phone 0421 392511, e-mail privacy@bonificavenetorientale.it)

- the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Antonio Forza Esq. (Phone 0421.380384, e-mail dpo@bonificavenetorientale.it)





For information or communications


Toll-free number 800 189 580 (schedule: from Monday to Thursday 9 AM-1 PM + 2-5 PM, Friday 9 AM-1 PM)


E-mail: catasto@bonificavenetorientale.it 


Web: www.bonificavenetorientale.it

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